About Us

H&E Co., Ltd. was set up in 2004, and we are committed to providing professional and high quality resin, purification media, chromatography systems and chromatographic consumables for enterprises and scientific research institutes who are focusing on natural products, chemical synthetic drugs and bio pharmaceuticals. We can provide services for both analysis projects and purification projects. In order to meet customer's further requirements, H&E has cooperated with first-class domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutes to launch QuikSep series chromatography systems and purification media with superior performance, outstanding cost-effective and customizable according to customer's requirements.Our goal is to help customers to improve quality, efficiency, cost savings in new drug development, product refinement and quality control, and growing up together with our customers.


Vision:By constantly improving management level and staff quality, we are committed to building a world-class enterprise. 

Mission:Promoting the Technical Level of National Health and Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Philosophy:Cooperate with first-class companies and work with excellent people. 

Orientation:Leading professional suppliers of resins, purification media, chromatographic consumables, chromatography system, ultrafiltration system and membranes.

Develop and produce QuikSep A1
Overall Promotion of R&D and Production Lab-Scale automatic chromatography system: QuikSep A1 comes out.
Xi 'an purification development platform
Product development and purification process development platform was set up in Xi'an.
Establish Beijing product development and application laboratory
Beijing R&D Center and Application Laboratory were set up Contichrom continuous chromatography technology and Discovery high-throughput & integrated purification technology were introduced to China.
The first set of 630 automatic chromatography column in China
The first 630mm Automatic Chromatography Column in China was used in pharmaceutical Enterprises.
Automatic chromatography system to fill the domestic gap
QuikSep Automatic Chromatography system fills a Gap in China Start to produce self-brand chromatography systems.
H&E in its infancy
Initial Stage Agent sales of chromatographic columns and resin.
Business Division
Research and development center
Design and develop biological intelligent separation equipment, technology and biological perfect combination
Changsha manufacturing center
Standard chemical plant, product from design to production of the whole industry layout
Xi 'an process development
Provide one-stop process development solutions Including: process development, mount column service
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