biological downstream intelligent purification high-end assembly


In order to help promote the development of biological research, based on 15 years of experience in the separation and purification industry, Beijing Huide e-manor specially introduced the elites of automatic driving industry and the research and development team of artificial intelligence, perfectly combined digital technology and biotechnology, and independently developed and manufactured the quiksep A1 automatic chromatography system with high automation at the beginning of the year. It realizes the landing of artificial intelligence for the development of biological scientific research.

Quiksep A1 automatic chromatography system is specially designed for the development and preparation of purification process of biological products at laboratory level. Quiksep A1 automatic chromatography system has a high degree of automation. It can carry out intensive programming method exploration. The software has powerful functions. The hardware supports a variety of specifications of chromatography columns, multiple solvents and samples. The system adopts modular, functional and intelligent design, which is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable configuration according to their actual needs.


General characteristics

Ø  Stackable pipeline design to achieve the minimum dead volume of pipeline;

Ø  Meet user customization, realize flexible configuration and easy upgrade;

Ø  All valves, plunger pumps, detectors, etc. are modularized. During maintenance or replacement, only the corresponding modules need to be removed;

Ø  Self developed control software, FDA compliant, real-time data log record, traceable, non modifiable; remote control;


Flow path design

In this system, the flow path minimization is adopted, the devices are very compact, and the dead volume of the whole flow path is very small. The flow path is connected and fixed by standard hand tight joint, which is convenient and fast, while greatly reducing the dead volume of the system.


Quiksep A1 high configuration flow diagram


Flow path diagram of distribution type in quiksep A1


Quiksep A1 low configuration flow diagram

software design 

1) reasonable and intuitive software operation interface

The software of the chromatography system conforms to the new GMP standard. It adopts graphical interface and full-automatic operation. It is concise and concise. Any operation and status can be displayed in the status bar of the main interface in real time, with a high degree of automation. Combined with a large number of fault-tolerant design, combined with the actual production, reduced the technical requirements of R & D personnel.


2) concise and powerful method editing and automatic control function

Automatic collection can be realized according to UV, conductivity value, etc.; automatic process operation can be realized based on time, volume and column volume; block method editing mode is adopted to make the method have the functions of jump, interrupt and nesting, and powerful watch instruction can realize many functions, including automatic sample loading, automatic collection, automatic bubble detection switching, etc.


3) manual operation or method operation

The basic operation information will be displayed in the operation dialog window. Manual operation and method operation are optional, and the result saving path can be customized.


4) operation convenience

Process control is point and use. It can not only check the log and operation method in real time, but also calculate the curve online.



5) curve setting

You can customize the curve display color of each parameter, as well as the dotted line and solid line. You can set the y-axis display range of each parameter, or select Auto to set the x-axis display unit (time / volume / CV) and display range.


6) scoring function

Scoring, that is, exploring function, is to edit some parameters in the method into variables, and then run the same method multiple times through scoring setting, each time only automatically modifying one or some parameters in the method, so as to realize automatic optimization of parameters, such as finding the most suitable flow rate, finding the most suitable column height, etc.

The scoring function only needs to set variables and scoring times simply, which can not only realize repeated operation of the method, fully automatic process optimization, but also realize automatic preparation of multiple eluents, and realize the maximum intelligence of the instrument.


7) authority management function

The system adopts five levels of user management authority, which can be assigned by users themselves, and users can be changed during operation (convenient for shift handover).



8) audit tracking and electronic signature function

Perfect audit tracking and electronic signature functions, in line with CGMP regulations.



9) result analysis and data storage function

The data can be saved in real time, even if the power is cut off, the data will not be lost; the column effect analysis can be carried out for the atlas, and the baseline can be adjusted manually; the system log and method information can be recorded in real time, and the curve comparison can be carried out for the convenience of tracing.


10) customized PDF report generation

Through the wizard, it is convenient to generate standardized chromatography results report, and to copy and organize data.


Main components

1) plunger pump

It is made of sanitary material and has good compatibility with biological samples such as protein;

It can not only withstand high pressure, but also has good stability under low temperature and low pressure, and has excellent infusion accuracy;

The pump head has a self-cleaning function to avoid the separation of salt in the pump head during the purification of biological samples, resulting in instrument damage and pollution;

It can provide excellent gradient accuracy and repeatability, and ensure the reproducibility of purification results.


2) detector

UV detector adopts imported device, variable dual wavelength, to ensure good accuracy and stability.

The pressure sensor adopts international famous brand with high precision, which can provide perfect protection for packing and system pump.

PH / conductivity adopts international famous brand, which can be calibrated online.


3) valves

Adopt the famous brand multi-channel solenoid valve, the minimum dead volume design.

Modular design of valve head and drive part, standard hand tight joint fixed pipeline, easy to maintain.


4) component collector

Component collector is a new generation of microcomputer control instrument for laboratory automation, which can collect the automatic components of chromatography liquid in the tube. The instrument has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, simple operation, wide application range, small volume and light weight.

The component collector has reasonable structure and flexible action, and adopts the original motion principle: the combination of linear motion and rotary motion; the collector can reach any collection position as quickly as possible. The unique structure ensures the maximum use of space, making the equipment compact and easy to use; especially when it is used with quiksep Autobio chromatography system, it is more flexible and does not interfere with each other.

Click "tools" → "component collector" in the operation interface to open the collector operation interface, as shown in the following figure:


At present, technological innovation has become the main driving force for the development of global biomedical industry. Under the condition of AI technology, scene driven features are obvious, which can provide customized services for different scenes and different service objects in the vertical field on demand. The traditional mode that we used to be familiar with easily will be difficult to continue. Beijing huideyi has been focusing on the field of separation and purification for more than ten years. It can provide customers with an overall solution from small-scale test, pilot scale test to production. It is a comprehensive company integrating independent R & D, sales and service of equipment. In 2018, through capital increase and restructuring, the introduction of intelligent R & D team, the perfect combination of digital technology and biotechnology, committed to building world-class products. At the same time, Huide e new factory, located in Changsha gold Pioneer Park, has been officially opened, realizing the whole industrial layout of products from design to production. Huideyi will gradually introduce AI technology and use 5g resources to create bioluminescence for the industry.


We provide customers not only with products, but also with overall solutions, including process development and optimization, operation training, and verification to meet higher regulatory requirements.




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