ChromaCon, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a company dedicated to the development of chromatography equipment and technology. As the agent of Swiss ChromaCon company in China, Beijing huideyi set up Contichrom continuous flow technology training center in China in the national engineering center of life science park in changping district, Beijing, and introduced the most cutting-edge continuous flow technology in the world to the majority of customers.
Automatic chromatography system
Automatic chromatography system
The contichrom chromatography system is a series of automatic chromatography systems which can be used for continuous purification. It adopts the optimized 2-column design and can run a variety of chromatography modes, such as standard batch process, capture SMB, MCSGP (multi column countercurrent solvent gradient purification), N-rich and so on. It realizes the perfect combination of new chromatography technology and the design of software and hardware of the chromatography system, making the equipment cost lower, The structure is more simplified, and the cost of chromatographic packing and buffer is greatly reduced, and the purification cycle is greatly shortened.
Automatic chromatography system Data
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